Hello Connectorship

In everything we do, relationship is the killer app. We don’t just need to communicate…the world is overwhelmed with information. We need to connect.

In the Connectorship Age, optimizing how people know and understand you and your value will be essential. And they’ll pay more attention when you’re interesting and distinctive – whether you’re a solopreneur or trying to get something accomplished inside a large organization.

In the Connectorship Age, knowledge will be so abundant that it itself becomes more noise.

In the Connectorship Age, the deficit will increasingly be in the realm of trust. What will be needed (or expected) is authenticity, transparency, and access to a leader that is more about a co-journey than a distant corner office.



My team helps with the art of webinars, webcasts, and virtual classrooms.

I speak, train, consult, and write about psychosocial effectiveness when communicating via web/audio/video conferencing (e.g., webinars/web seminars, virtual presentations, webcasts, virtual classrooms).

A veteran of the web conferencing industry (since the modem days of 1999), I’ve taught tens of thousands people worldwide, and I’ve reached tens of thousands more with writing appearances, interviews, and while sitting in airports.

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