Nice to *meet* you

I speak, write, and teach communicators how to connect. especially when presenting virtually (both virtual presentation skills and how to structure a presentation using my trademarked StoryCore framework).

I am also unabashedly a Jesus follower and, when appropriate, an ambassador.

I’ve had the blessing of winning multiple writing awards, been called the Michael Jordan of online presentations and virtual classes, and survived an auto wreck where the car I was driving was torn into two (2!) pieces (a front half and a back half). And all that and four dollars will get you a vanilla latte.

Finally, I have a simple philosophy — that real people connect with real people. And in a noisy world where we live digitally-extended lives, I think there’s more opportunity than ever to cut through the noise even when technology is involved.

Relationship — in a new context — is the oldest killer app.

Oh, and I only do business with people when it makes sense that we will both win. Fair enough? Let’s chat.